Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shhh! Everyone's asleep!

My princess has been a co-sleeper since she was out of her Rock 'n Play Sleeper at about 4 months.  While I was nursing, it was more for convenience, especially after I went back to work.  Once she didn't need a late night feeding, it was because I (yes, me) missed her and liked having her close.  Plus, the split floor plan of our home seems to put a bit too much distance between our room and hers.

Lately, with my growing belly and just being overly uncomfortable (not to mention having to get up to potty a few times a night), I've been trying to get her to sleep in her crib.  I decided that I needed to trust God to keep her safe, there's nothing unsafe in the crib with her, and I needed to allow my body and the baby growing in my tummy as much restful sleep as possible.  This was NOT happening with a nearly one year old tossing and turning and kicking in the bed.  I never thought our king sized bed could feel so small.  So, Reagan's been sleeping in her crib half the night or so.  She wakes up usually around 12 or 1 and I hear her on the monitor, and I try (not too hard) to get her back to sleep, but most of the time she spends the rest of the night snuggled between Mommy and Daddy.  Last night she slept until 3:30 in her bed.  I checked on her around her usual wake up time, and she was snoozing away.  I think if I didn't work, I'd be a little better about getting her to complete the full night in her bed, but most nights during the week, I just don't have the energy to be up with her and then be teaching my kindergartners.  I'm proud of the progress we've both made lately!

Right now, Reagan's brother is happily tucked in his bed (and at 7, we're just now getting him to stay in his bed all night!), my husband is snoring from the couch, and Reagan is sleeping under her favorite muslin blanket in her crib.  Baby in my tummy is wide awake and my eyes are heavy.  I'm thinking about seeing how large the king sized bed feels with just me and my pregnant tummy in it!  In just a few short weeks our house will be a little more crowded, but so full of love.  It's a happy thought for this Mommy.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthdays and more!

So, I may very well be the worst blogger ever.  Being a working, pregnant mommy is probably the hardest thing I've ever done.  Managing time is not one of my greatest strengths and I tend to live in the moment and then try to figure out what I'm supposed to do later.  This has been great for spending time with Reagan and her brother, not so great for anything else.

Reagan's first birthday is 18 days away.  Inspired by Pinterest ideas, we're throwing a very small Hungry Caterpillar themed party.  I finally got around to working on the invites last night, which go through the entire story with Reagan as the main character.  She's our very hungry baby!  They are certainly homemade, but I think they are way cute. 

Reagan finally moved into the infant 2 classroom at daycare.  One of her teachers in the baby-baby class was very attached to her, and I think had a hard time letting her go.  What can I say, my baby is oh so lovable! She is an Olympic-speed crawler and will stand up by pulling up and let go now without falling, but NO she isn't walking.  I don't know how often we get asked the question, but she'll get there when she's ready, I'm sure.  We will be visiting an ENT in the next few weeks to check on Reagan's ears.  We're about out of winter, so hopefully if we're going to have to have anything done, it can wait for a little while.  I'm not ready for us to talk about any kind of hospital visit for my baby.  She never shows any signs of an infection, and at our check up yesterday, she didn't have one, but she keeps goop in her head all the time.  So does her brother though, but I'm the crazy mother that takes her to the doctor at the first sign of a booger, so we have really chronicled any aliment she's had.  I hope Reagan's baby sister will not have the sickies as much, and I hope she's a little easier going than my sweet girl (who is a very strong willed, spoiled rotten child!).

I'm excited about celebrating my little one's first birthday.  This year has flown by.  It has been full of surprises and milestones, all of which are help shaping me into the mother that I hope to be for all my babies--the big one, the spoiled one, and the new one.  It is really hard to even imagine how different her next birthday will be, but I'm looking forward to our family growing together.  We're incredibly blessed.

Happy Early Birthday Sweet Reagan!