Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

My sweet baby is trying to sleep off a nasty cold and ear infection.  Other than the nastiness showing (through lots and lots of boogies), you'd never know Reagan wasn't feeling well.  She is the happiest baby I've ever been around, not that I've been around a lot of babies, but she's really genuinely happy.  She is working so hard to pull up to standing, and succeed today against my leg... scared me a little!  She's growing so big so fast.

Recently our family got some unexpected news.  We're going to be adding a new addition a little sooner than I would have probably planned for.  With my baby learning so many new things, so quickly, it's a little hard to imagine that this time next year, I'll have two little ones in our house.  At first I was angry with myself (I was taking low dose BC, and while effective when nursing, it has to be taken at the exactly same time daily.  With a newborn, I was NOT good at remembering).  I had a mourning period over losing my exclusive relationship with my daughter.  I was going to have to be a mommy to another little one, and I was (and am) worried that she might not understand why mommy wasn't all hers.  I was also really worried about what others would say and think.  I didn't want people to say, "Oh my goodness, you were just pregnant!" or "You do know what causes this, right?" 

Now, I realize that this is truly a blessing from above. It is to be celebrated, and I'm super excited about welcoming another child into our lives! We might have never planned for another little one (don't worry, this is the last addition to the family...we're sure!).  I'm certain at first it will be very tough, and we still have a lot we haven't figured out financially especially.  One thing I'm sure of though, God wouldn't have given us this precious baby I'm carrying, if He didn't have a plan for it and for us as a family.  Reagan's best friend is on the way, what an unexpected blessing!