Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anna's Debut

Two and a half weeks ago we welcomed Anna Caroline into the world!  She never wanted to make her debut on her own, so at my 40 week checkup we scheduled my induction for Monday, May 14.  My blood pressure was a little elevated and with my history with Reagan, the doctor thought it would be better to go ahead instead of waiting on the baby to decide... She may never have!

On that rainy Monday after Mother's Day, we took Miss Reagan into to daycare and went to the hospital.  They took us upstairs and finally by 10 o'clock they started the pitocin.  By the second cup of chicken broth and David's lunch break around noon I was feeling some pretty strong contractions, so without hesitation, I got the epidural.  I thought about taking a nap, but by the time the nurse came in to check our progress around 4ish, it was to push.  Three sets of pushes, the doctor came in, and on the last push... TA DA! we had a baby. We had two names picked out prior to the baby's arrival, but once she was here we decided on Anna.  She's the spitting image of her daddy.  Anna weighed a tiny bit less and was a tiny bit shorter than her sister at 7 lbs. 5.5 oz and 20 3/4 inches.

Recovery was MUCH better this time.  I remember crying because I didn't want to ride home in the car after Reagan was born.  This time, I sent everyone home, I tended to Anna in the hospital alone and I felt great!  I was just so happy to hold this baby, this unplanned miracle in my arms.  She was absolutely perfect.  I enjoyed our private time in the quietness the hospital room.  And while there was no rest to be gotten, and it certainly wasn't home, I treasured those private alone moments.  With your second it's different.  I want my girls to have some personal time, and that is totally an effort, but it is important for me as it is for them.

I have loved my private moments with Anna as Reagan is finishing this month in daycare.  I hope that she will enjoy the time at home this summer and hopefully stay a little more healthy than she has in daycare.  Brent is looking forward to staying at home with us a couple days a week too.  He excitedly told me he'd look on Pinterest for some craft ideas for us. 

I'm incredibly blessed.  I have a husband who is absolutely crazy about our babies, a little boy who accepts me as his "other" mom, and two little girls who prefer my arms over any others (for now...Reagan is very quickly becoming a daddy's girl).  Now that Anna is finally here, I can't imagine how life was before her debut.  Our family feels complete.