Sunday, November 4, 2012

"You're like superwoman!"

Let me preface this with I in no way shape or form think I'm a great or superior mother, I'm just Rachel. Twenty seven, five foot six, brown eyed, small town girl, wife to David, Jesus follower, stepmom to Brent, and mommy to 2 little princesses who happen to be 14 months apart.

So, when I hear, "you've got your hands full!" multiple times every time I leave my home, it kind of goes in one ear and out the other. I used to tell people that my hands are full, but my heart is more full! Now I just smile and try to move along...quickly! The last time I was out with all three, Brent finally told one couple who said it, "we've heard that three times!" It does get old, but it's hard not to notice us.

I took all three with me to vote yesterday. Anna in our Ergo carrier, Reagan in the stroller, Brent by my side. It went smoothly, they did well. We left and went to target, I left Anna in her carseat and snapped into the stroller, wore Reagan in the Ergo on my back (that carrier is worth twice its weight in gold), and Brent tagged along. In the parking lot I saw a mom struggling with her older baby (he was probably about 10 months old), she glanced my way, my toddler happily attached to me, my sleeping infant, and the cutest second grader skipping next to me. She had an amazed look on her face. She sighed heavily and said across the parking lot, "you are like superwoman!" I smiled sheepishly, and she yelled, "no, really!" I assured her it didn't always go so smoothly, but sometimes we try to leave the house. Her acknowledgement of the craziness I seem to keep under control made my day a little brighter. I am no superwoman, but I am incredibly blessed with very full hands!