Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Birthday Bash!

A couple weeks ago we celebrated, jointly, the birthdays of our two favorite girls.  Truthfully, planning two parties within a month of one another was hard.  Trying to get dates for both parties that everyone could make it was tough, and by May.... well, I'm pretty tired. May is a pretty exhausting time for teachers; especially this one.  So over the holiday break, I decided that this year, one big bash would do.  Best choice I've made in a while!

Every Thursday night you can find us at High Point Gymnastics Academy.  Reagan is in the preschool class and we love it there!  When trying to decide where to have their party, it was in the running.  It won out because they answered my snow day e-mail inquiry first with the date I wanted. We were able to request Reagan's teachers as our party hosts, and it was SO much fun!

I'm a details girl.  I like the cutesy, personalized party decor.  I would monogram my socks, if I wore socks.  So, on those snow days, I made banners thanks to some customizable buntings I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers and made adorable food labels with the perfect clipart I found on Etsy.  I did make a Pinterest inspired cupcake holder that drove me nuts, and looked like it just might cartwheel right over at any moment.. but we used it and then I broke it apart as soon as the party was over!  Not everything can be perfect. At the last minute, I decided I wanted some type of guest book for each girl, so I called my sister had her pick up some tote bags and made some iron on transfers from my computer using the same clipart I used on the decorations.  We had all the party guests sign their bags, and now Reagan carries hers weekly to class.

Food was pretty easy since it was a 3:00 party.  We had Pretzel BARS (pretzel sticks), Ham & Cheese ROLL(ups), CARTWHEEL cupcakes (I made the toppers and ordered a couple dozen from Harris Teeter), Fruit WEIGHTS (just fruit on toothpicks), GYM juice (pink lemonade), & Cookie RINGS (Fudge Stripe cookies). All the paper products were just from Walmart, and they had really great bright colors, chevron and polka dotted patterns in their party section, matching our bright & polka dot decorations.

My sister helped out and made adorable centerpieces and with all the food prep.  We had several of the girls' friends attend and it was a really fun, really easy, really low stress party for me.  I thought for a bit it wasn't going to happen because Anna got sick that morning, and I am not one to expose other kids to my sick kid, but when I found out her daddy let her eat 7 cookies before bed that night, I was able to draw my own conclusions about what was wrong with the princess.  I know joint parties won't always work, but this year it was what was best for all of us!  The girls had a super fun time and so did I, and on their actual birthdays we got to (and will get to) celebrate them, with just us. I really like private family time too. Reagan chose a tea party at the Children's Museum of Winston Salem and Anna's debating on the Zoo or Build a Bear.  In just 9 days my baby is THREE!