Wednesday, November 13, 2013


November is full of thankfulness.  As the holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, I've been bombarded by my entire friend list on Facebook recounting all their blessings.  I tend to fall off the status posts of thankfulness by day 2, distracted by my everyday blessings, so tonight as my babies are playing with their daddy, I will take just a few moments to share a few blessings I've been given.

❤I'm thankful for a chilly night in March when a handsome bald headed man took my hand, sat down and talked me for hours on end, he may have only held my hand, but he captured my heart.  We've been inseparable and unstoppable ever since.

❤I'm thankful for the now not so small town church I grew up in.  That sense of community that was built within that church family is one of the things I miss most about "home."  I hope that we will find the right fit for our family as my girls get bigger.

❤I'm thankful for maternity leave, summer breaks, and my job.  I love teaching,  but I love even more that it allowed me a total of 8 months of time with my babies and that I get all summer to plan fun, unforgettable moments with my girls.

❤I'm thankful for breast pumps.  I had a major love hate relationship with pumping, but it allowed me to provide Anna with only mommy milk until she was well over a year old.  She's the healthiest daycare baby, well almost any baby,  I've ever met.

❤I'm thankful for Anna. She cuddles, she coos, she runs and climbs.  She asks,"what's that?" 2344122321231238892 times a day.  She's a best friend to her sister, a daddy's girl, and her brother's sidekick.  She gives the best hugs and the wettest kisses.  Two years ago, she was the scariest pink
line I've ever seen, but now she's the cutest little "oops" ever.

❤I'm thankful for Reagan. She is witty and smart.  She is dramatic and bossy, and she's the center of her universe.  She's also sweet and tender hearted.  I cannot remember life without her, even if it was only 2.5 years ago. She's the amazing little person who first called me mommy.

❤I'm thankful for Brent. He stole my heart when he was just 3.  He taught me more about parenting than any book or class.  He tries my patience, but at the end of the day he doesn't have to try at all to make me love him.

❤I'm thankful for unexpected blessings, winks from God, unplanned adventures. Two two years ago today, I blogged and posted nervously about our unexpected blessing, an unplanned pregnancy, what is now known as a sweet girl named Anna.  I am so thankful that sometimes our plans are changed (yes, me who plans every single meal and day events on a calendar).  Without God's plan, His timing, my life's events, the people I hold dearest, probably wouldn't be in my life.  I am so grateful His plans are greater than my own.

❤I'm thankful for a warm house, a big bed, and Saturday mornings. I'm thankful for our family and friends.

I'm really just thankful.  Sure there are things in my life that aren't ideal.  There are things I really want that I don't have.  But I also have more than I need, I'm incredibly blessed.  This season of thanksgiving, I've never been more thankful or humbly grateful.