Friday, July 19, 2013

Somedays You Have to Laugh

So many mishaps happen with my littles. Some I can laugh about, some I want to forget... Like the time on vacation when Reagan stripped off her diaper and there was a tiny little round poopie that got stuck to the bottom of her foot, and she ground it into the carpet. Yeah, let's forget that.

Maybe the time at food lion when she insisted on walking, we were getting through the check out and she decided she wanted to run through the automatic doors. I chase after her, leaving my cart full of groceries, with Anna attached to my back out the store. People stared. No joke.

How about today, when my back is a bit sore from hovering over a one year old at the splash pad in fear of her skinning her knee (Rea got a pretty good boo boo), I may have been resting my eyes for like 20 seconds tops. Reagan exclaims, "oh mommy, my hands dirty!" I look at her, yeah her hands are dirty and so is her face from her nose to her chin from ear to ear, and all of her mouth full of teeth. She was chewing a black crayon. Awesome! I took her in the bathroom to wash up, got her hands clean, while I went to the closet to get a washcloth (3 steps from the bathroom), Anna threw a board book in the potty and was trying to get it out. OMG! Deep breath! I can laugh about it!

There are days I want to hide in the pantry and eat a box of chocolate chip cookies. If I come out with a cookie, I won't even get a bite before I hear a whine for "some!" I absolutely love being home with my girls despite all the craziness, and I know in a few weeks, I will be dealing with the crazies and working too. So, for now, I will choose to laugh at the moments that make me pull my hair out. There is nothing like the adventures that are motherhood.