Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Tale of Two Babies

My girls may look alike, but they are their own little people.  I gave Reagan a binkie at 3 weeks old, and she's still a card carrying member of the paci patrol.  Anna never took one, barely would drink from a bottle, doesn't suck her thumb, pretty much screams and mommy snuggles are the only source of comfort that will remedy it, while her sister will happily be slurping.

Reagan had chronic ear issues.  At 18 months, we finally put tubes in, and she's been a new baby ever since.  She gets every stomach virus known to man, and always shares with mom and dad.  Anna has had one ear infection in all her seventeen months.  That's all.  She's never been sick otherwise.  I count my blessings when it comes to keeping a well child.

Anna is undergoing surgery of her own this November. I'm very nervous, but the doctor assured me she would so great.  Anna was born with a cyst by her eye.  It's continued to grow with her, and it's not going away, but rather continue to grow.  So, in order to shut the mouths of friendly strangers that always ask my baby about her "boo boo," and more importantly help make sure Anna has a clear line of sight, they will remove it.  While I've sat in a waiting room waiting for my child to get out of surgery, it wasn't Reagan's face they were working on.... Did I mention I'm nervous?

Reagan is very vocal, very loud, very energetic.  Anna relies on the few signs and words she knows, lots of nonverbal cues, and her sister to communicate, but then again, most 17 monthers do.  Anna is sneakier, a bit more mischievous, a lot more fearless than her sister.  Both my babies are mommy's girls, but Anna is my snuggler, Reagan is my shadow.

I was telling a friend who is expecting her second princess today, that when I went from 1 baby to 2 babies, it was like going from 1 to 20.  Even though our home feels like a three ring circus, big brother included, I can't remember what it was like before. As I lay here between both little girls, one sleeping and the other breathing more deeply and slower than she was just a moment ago, I really can't remember.  We knew we wanted one baby.  Several months, a real legitimate scare, viability questioned, and we were extremely blessed with a Reagan.  While Anna was unplanned and made a very uneventful entrance into the world, she was our missing puzzle piece; a seamless fit in our chaos.