Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mishaps & Adventures

So, the past few weeks with a newly celebrated 2 year old and my sweet baby who is quickly becoming a toddler has been quite adventurous. Reagan had some strange belly problems that I truly believe were caused by stress. Her teacher had taken some time off and by the second week of surprise teachers, she was sick of it literally.

Well, that led to a week of being home every other day with a pitiful princess, who was selectively pitiful just at times where it seemed her mommy might leave her. She napped a lot, though, and in the middle of one of our days at home, I left a sleeping baby on the couch to change my smaller one's diaper. I came back to see Reagan in the playroom munching on something. Sniffing her breath, I was able to figure out she had gotten her brother's allergy pill and vitamin off the kitchen table where he'd left it by accident at breakfast.

My heart raced. I frantically found his prescription bottle, called the pharmacy, and was assured she was fine. Regardless, I was still frazzled. We loaded up the car and went to buy mommy a classy box of wine.

My time with the babies has been stretched thin lately. We have to multitask together. David works crazy hours and sometimes I feel like I, we, are all running in different circles. Last week we had kindergarten screening, I rushed to get the girls, not taking my second milk making time, only to remember we needed groceries. It was 5 before I got Reagan in the cart, Anna in the carrier and all of us in the supermarket. I was certainly feeling like I missed a pump, Anna was ready to eat, I am not one to nurse in public, but Anna pawed her way to her favorite tap, I snapped up the hood of the carrier. Fed my baby and grocery shopped with my two year old grabbing every box of Dora fruit snacks into the cart. No one noticed or cared and I felt super empowered. It was a much needed feeling after being away from my babies all day and knowing we wouldn't walk in the door for the first time until well after 6. Not to mention, the massive mommy fail I had with my stressed out princess the week before.

The past few weeks have been difficult in my professional life, over tiring to say the least. When I get exhausted and stressed, I certainly start questioning my parenting abilities as well. The countdown to summer is on, but I may need a larger wine glass until then!