Monday, September 7, 2015

"Perfect" Family Weekend

We planned a few weeks ago that we'd take the kids to Tweetsie for the weekend.  We waited til the last minute to book somewhere to stay, because the cabin we usually stay in had a 3 day minimum stay for the holiday weekend, and we didn't want to stay 3 days, because we had to get little man back to his mom's on Sunday.  So, David booked one of the last hotel rooms in Boone, turns out it was Appalachian's first home football game of the season, just for Friday night.

Friday, I left school a little earlier than I usually would, picked up the girls and ran in Target for a few last minute items.  I had no intentions of staying longer than 15 minutes, because I was going to pick up their brother, get us home and packed, and the car cleaned out so we could leave by six.  Well, Mother Nature had other plans.  When we were about ready to leave, I hear rain pouring, thunder roaring.  We walk around to kill time, and all of a sudden the power goes out.  It was pitch black.  I grab both girls, with both arms, and even though the power came back on within seconds, it seemed like an eternity.  I made sure my phone was in my back pocket after that.  I wasn't going to be in total darkness again.    Finally, it stops raining, we get out of there, pick up Bubbie, and are home by six.  Quick shower, pack up, and we're in the car at 6:39.  A little off pace.

Anna whined all the way to the mountains.  She's not the best traveler, so we chalked it up to that.  I slept with the girls that night, the boys shared the other bed.  Anna whined all night.  It was already uncomfortable trying to make sure no one fell off the bed, add the fact we were up basically all night, it was pretty darn miserable.  I got up with her around 5:45 to use the restroom, changed her diaper to her pull up (let's not talk about how potty training is going), and went back to bed.  David got up a few minutes later, turned off the light in the room I had left on; I don't like sleeping in the dark in strange places, and went to shower.  About that time Anna started screaming and puked all over the bed.  Perfect!  I yell at Brent to grab a towel and turn the lights back on, and I get her cleaned up, thankful that I hadn't dressed her, because no pukey clothes to take home.  I moved Reagan over to the other bed and put Anna in the bath. Once I'm pretty certain she's going to be okay, she's randomly puked before if something didn't settle well on her tummy, and unfortunately from the looks of it, I could tell something hadn't settled so well, I throw on a sweatshirt and drive to the CVS for some anti-nausea medicine.  No matter what we were to decide to do, I knew it would be a necessity at this point.

Well, we wait.  We waited til 8:30 to head down to breakfast.  Over two hours, no more sickness.  Anna drank some juice, ate some yogurt, and was running around as usual. We waited a few more hours, check out was at 11; so we waited until nearly 11, and then decided that we would do the theme park.  The other two kiddos would be really disappointed if we just headed home, and Anna had been well for several hours.  We let her have another dose of medicine and off we went.  We did have a fabulous time, even if we did ask Anna if she was okay 2 million times. I rode some scary ride with Brent, we all rode the steam engine 3 times, saw the mice in Mouse Mine Number Nine, watched the girls fly airplanes and captain boats.  We ate lunch at the Feed and Seed and saw the Tweetsie Cloggers on stage.  I don't regret making those family memories at all; even if the morning had been less than fun.

We headed back to the car around 4ish, and Anna had been asleep, we woke her up, I gave her the rest of her pink lemonade, which was probably a mistake.  We drove about 7 minutes.  She started whining and looking green.  David pulled off the road into a church parking lot.  I hop out, not even taking the time to put my flip flops back on, and before I can get my hands to unbuckle Anna, she goes all Exorcist/Scary Movie projectile vomiting on me. If you've never caught vomit, I don't recommend it. I get her out. Clean her up. Again.  Throw her clothes in a pillow case. No one else moves in the car.  Not quite sure why the time was standing still for them. After we're both clean and sanitized as much as possible, and I give her another dose of medicine, we are off again. In about an hour and a half, we pull into our garage. I've never been so thankful.  I am pretty independent and able to do most anything, but move a carseat and unlatch it is something I haven't mastered.  I told David I needed to wash the carseat cover but he was going to need to get it out.  He says he'll do it.  I'd already started the water in the washing machine, so he heads out...In a freaking hazmat suit.  Okay, not really.  But he does have gloves on to his elbows and a mask on.  Remember, this is the same vomit I just caught. Whatever, I'm obviously not the hypochondriac.

Anna never got sick again.  No one else feels sick.  I'm not sure what was up with her, but it made our weekend getaway quite memorable for reasons I'd rather forget.  I think a lot of times our Facebook timelines and Instagram snapshots show a picture that looks perfect, but it is so far from the truth.  It isn't that I want people to think everything is always peachy. Life, marriage, motherhood is one hard gig.  No one wants to see the vomit, but it's there.  Our weekend was fun, but it was far from perfect.